Danube University Krems

The Danube University Krems is the only Austrian university for continuing education carrying out research and teaching activities. Among the Faculty of Education, Arts and Architecture, the Department for Building and Environment, which specializes in research and teaching on architecture and cultural heritage, is taking the leading part in the partnership. The members of the Faculty engage in several research activities related to the research interests of the LBI ArchPro among them projects in Carnuntum or the Scuola di Ricostruzione di Accumoli. Within this scope, the partnership will focus on joint research activities such as the development and execution of research projects (e.g. the EU Interreg DTP project Living Danube Limes: http://www.interreg-danube.eu/approved-projects/living-danube-limes) and scientific case studies.

The Centers for the Protection of Cultural Property and Architectural Heritage and Infrastructure offer MSc courses in Cultural Property Protection or Conceptual Architectural Heritage Preservation. All university courses address current and future societal challenges, offer a balanced mix between theoretical knowledge and practical skills, and are tailored to students’ professional and personal realities. As part of an intended joint teaching activity, the DUK and the LBI ArchPro are currently developing an international university course in Archaeological Prospection and Virtual Archaeology to be open for enrolment in autumn 2021. Furthermore, the LBI ArchPro will contribute to the teaching requirements for the PhD program Cultural Heritage which is currently in preparation for accreditation.

Another partnership objective is the cooperation in awareness and dissemination campaigns for the scholarly community and the wider public such as organizing bilateral symposia and conferences, developing scientific publications and carrying out information campaigns.

Official website of the Danube University Krems: https://www.donau-uni.ac.at