The Skyscape Planetarium


Communicating scientific topics in state of the art exhibitions frequently involves the creation of impressive visual installations. In the exhibition `STONEHENGE. A Hidden Landscape.’ in the MAMUZ museum for prehistory in Mistelbach, Lower Austria, LBI ArchPro presents recent research results from the Stonehenge Hidden Landscape Project. A central element of the exhibition which extends over two floors connected with open staircases is an assembly of original-sized replica of several stones of the central trilithon horseshoe which is seen from both floors. In the upper floor, visitors are at eye level with the lintels, and on a huge curved projection screen which extends along the long wall of the hall they can experience the view out over the Sarsen circle into the surrounding landscape. This paper describes the planning and creation of this part of the exhibition, and some first impressions after opening.

Culture and Cosmos
Georg Zotti
Georg Zotti